5 Things NOT to Do After a Car Accident

Few people know what NOT to do after a car accident. It’s not a pleasant thought to consider. So until you are facing the confusing and stressful aftermath of an accident, you may not give it too much thought at all. However, the truth is there are some things you should never do after a […]


Worried That Your Loved One Has Experienced Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Nursing home abuse and neglect can include physical, emotional, and psychological mistreatment and are not uncommon. If you suspect it’s happening to your loved one, it can create panic and fear for their well-being. The good news is you are not powerless to help. Here’s what to do if your elderly loved one is in […]


Injured at Work and Need to File for Worker’s Compensation? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Attorney

If you get hurt at work, you have worker’s compensation rights. But, do you know how to protect them? Without legal representation, it can be challenging. This is why we’ve got five great reasons you should hire an attorney for a worker’s compensation claim. #1: Determining Eligibility and Legal Requirements Most but not all work […]


Not Sure What to Do After Being Injured in a Car Accident? Here are 7 Tips on What to Do Next

A car accident can send you reeling and make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. At the time, you might not even realize you have an injury due to the adrenaline, shock, and upset an accident can bring. If you’re injured in a car accident, here are seven tips to help […]


CH2 Magazine Article: Fighting the Good Fight

Check out this article about us in Celebrate Hilton Head (CH2) magazine: “Fighting the Good Fight.” Have you seen the Celebrate Hilton Head (CH2) magazine article about our personal injury lawyers at Carr Legal Group? We were honored to have been featured in the article “Fighting the Good Fight.” It shines a light on the […]

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