Not Sure What to Do After Being Injured in a Car Accident? Here are 7 Tips on What to Do Next

injured in a car accident

A car accident can send you reeling and make you feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. At the time, you might not even realize you have an injury due to the adrenaline, shock, and upset an accident can bring. If you’re injured in a car accident, here are seven tips to help you when you don’t know what to do next.

Tip #1: Act Quickly

Timing is crucial after a car accident. First, take a breath, try to calm down, then it’s time to act.

Tip #2: Gather Information

Gather pertinent information about the other driver or drivers immediately, including their insurance, drivers’ license number, contact information, and license plate number.

Tip #3: Never Admit Fault

Whether you are to blame for the accident or not, never admit fault at the scene. Not only is fault unclear until the police determine the cause, but you could risk losing any compensation you’re entitled to by admitting you may have caused the accident.

Tip #4: Dealing with the Insurance Company

While you’re required to report the accident to your insurance company, you are not required to speak with or answer questions from an adjuster before you have legal representation. An adjuster may try to influence your claim.

Tip #5: Avoid Social Media

Do not post about your accident on social media. Anything you post is evidence, and it can put you at risk of losing your case.

Tip #6: Lost Wages and Medical Bills

Lost wages and the expenses associated with medical bills after an injury due to a car accident are reimbursable with the damages awarded.

Tip #7: You Should Consult an Attorney

Even in a minor fender bender, you should consult an attorney, especially if you’re injured. An attorney can help you understand if you have a case against the other driver, how to work with the insurance companies, proper ways to prove your injuries, determine the value of your claim, negotiate a settlement, and represent you in a lawsuit.

Don’t DIY your actions after sustaining an injury in a car accident. The best way to protect yourself and your rights is by hiring a reliable attorney. Don’t wait. Contact the team at Carr Legal Group if you’re in an accident.

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