‘Tis The Season… For Car Accidents

Fender benders are scary no matter when they happen, but holiday car accidents are the worst. Safer holiday travel means steering clear of collisions. Here are the top four most common causes of car crashes so you can avoid them.

  1. Weather – extreme winter weather is one of the top contributors to accidents and pileups near the holidays. Poor conditions lead to difficult driving and the potential for losing control of your car. Pay attention to the road conditions, drive slower than the speed limit, and pay attention to drivers around you.
  2. Fatigue – holiday planning, shopping, and partying can leave you exhausted. Being tired increases your chance of getting in an accident, especially if you drive long distances for family gatherings. Try to drive when you’re well-rested and take breaks if you feel sleepy.
  3. Drinking – the holidays are prime time for taking part in a little festive alcohol consumption. The best ways to avoid a driving disaster are to have a designated driver, call a cab or an Uber, or abstain from drinking if you must drive.
  4. Traffic – holiday traffic is a contributing factor to highway mishaps. With more cars on the road, people in a hurry to get to their destination, and distracted driving, holiday car accidents can occur.

Even the best planning can’t prevent all accidents from occurring. If you find yourself in a holiday car accident, don’t just exchange information and hope for the best. Instead, reach out to the experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Carr Legal Group for help navigating what happens after the incident.

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